One of the greatest sources of Jamaica’s current earning power is tourism and trade. This panel will explore the opportunities for entrepreneurial possibilities within the Diaspora and Africa, through tourism, cultural products, entertainment, the arts, by the interaction, development and fostering of trust in trade relationships, reviving indigenous industries and looking for new/emergent ones such as business outsourcing and current skill exchange.

This area will also include discussion about the Commonwealth and how these can facilitate better trade relations within the region. The issue of transportation to support both local and export trade will also be examined, as well as lessons learned from the failures of trading and the global trade barriers.

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About the Conference

Coming together to explore best practices in development while creating a unique occasion to share perspectives and innovative solutions to problems common to local, Diaspora and African communities. Connecting engaged citizens, leaders, experts, the business community, government officials, and NGO’s to build links for better futures especially for our under-resourced communities.


  • Bishop Ransford Jones (Canada)
    Chairman, Jamaican-Canadian Christian Alliance, Toronto
  • Rev. Dr. Stephen Jennings (Jamaica)
    Minister of the Jamaica Baptist Union & Past President
  • Prof. Delanyo Adadevoh (Africa)
    Founder and President of International Leadership Foundation (ILF)
  • Hon. Rev. Guy Hewitt (Barbados/UK)
    Current High Commissioner to the UK
  • Esther Tyson (Jamaica)
    Educator, Author and Social Commentator
  • Beverly Johnson (UK/Jamaica)