2016 Conference Outcomes


Prison Programmes

Another outcome was for us to develop a prison in-reach and out-reach programme to reduce recidivism. We have written a Prison In-reach Programme which the Jamaican UK national Crime Task Force has adopted and will be raising funds to support its execution. The task force is headed by former UK Supt. Dr. Leroy Logan, who is a Christian Jamaican. This programme was written by one of the speakers at the conference Joanna Simpson in consultation with an attendee of the conference Dez Brown of Spark to Life from the UK.

Because of the conference, we have also been involved with the We Transform Programme of the Ministry of National Security which is addresses juveniles. The Ministry has asked us to provide mentors for this initiative. We are asking that the churches provide mentors, who we can train to help in this programme. We believe it is a great opportunity for the Church to make a difference in the lives of these young people.

We also organized a tour to the prison with the Junior Minister in the Ministry of National Security Senator Charles, who has responsibility for the prisons with persons who attended the National Diaspora Conference including Dr. Logan, in July of this year.



Creating schools in the inner city to become Schools of Choice was another outcome plan from the conference. We have met with the principal of Charlie Smith High and shared the concept with him and his team. This was well received and the recommendation was that we start by having a club in the school called REMP. This programme is a psycho-social transformative and empowerment initiative for the students.

We are also connected to Operation Restoration Christian School which is a remedial school in Trench Town, making a difference in lives of children who though attended school have difficulty reading and writing.

One area of delivery will be the emphasis on scholarships into higher education (local and overseas) to inner city youths.