Les Isaac on the Jamaica Christian Diaspora Conference


Hundreds of stakeholders in Jamaica’s social and economic development drawn from Churches in Jamaica and in the Diaspora as well as various sectors, interest groups and institutions, are being mobilised for the second Jamaica Christian Diaspora Conference Kingston Jamaica, October 10 and 11, 2018.

With the theme

Working Together to Change the Caribbean Narrative –

through integrity, productivity, and sustainable development

The rationale for the 2018 conference includes:

  • The Caribbean countries have a common history and at present have similar problems such as poverty, increasing crime, unattached youths and indiscipline within the society including issues around governance. Jamaica has a vision, like other Caribbean nations, which is to be the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business (see Jamaica 2030 vision).


  • As a small region, the Caribbean would benefit from synergies to solve our common problems and help each other achieve our dreams. The region has the capability to solve its problems with the contributions, intellectual prowess, and good will of the its Diaspora.


  • In addition, the 2015 African Union meeting entitled “Strengthening the African Union-Caribbean Diaspora Relationship” * has given greater impetus to the African-Caribbean dialogue on critical areas to strengthen the relationship between the African Union and the African Diaspora communities. This must now be capitalized on to address our history and build relationships to help make a significant difference in region.


  • The Church has historically played a role in bringing change to the region, having the capability to cross cultural, economic, and social divides. With this potential for dialogue, the Second Christian Diaspora Conference as a representative of the church can play a role in supporting the Jamaican agenda, regional engagement, and greater collaboration with Africa.


A united and conscious collaboration within our diaspora regions can help us solve the common problems of our nations and therefore help us to take responsibility to make real and lasting change a reality.


*source  Strengthening the AU-Caribbean Diaspora Relationship: CIDO holds tripartite meeting with CARICOM and the Canadian Pan-African Network (CPAN) | African Union

2018 Conference Objectives

The theme for the 2018 Christian Diaspora Conference builds on the theme from the 2016 conference “Engaging Our Youth, Securing Our future”.  We believe that expanding sustainable development, through integrity, collaboration, and productivity will help to leave a safe and secure future as a legacy for the next generation.


The 2018 Conference objectives are:

  1. Recommitment to integrity, collaboration, and productivity by regional leaders
  2. Broaden collaboration to address common issues plaguing our nations
  3. Look at new possibilities and existing ways for the facilitation of trade, investment, and skills exchange for development and reduction of poverty.
  4. To decide on immediate solutions and actions that can be implemented to accelerate transformation in inner-city communities.
  5. To establish and implement mechanisms of accountability which engender trust between partners and organizations at home and abroad to allow for long term support.
  6. To determine strategies to rebuild ethical values and trust in our nations and implement strategies to effect change.
  7. To build on the outcomes of the 2016 Conference*
  8. To look at the issues for emerging leaders in order to leave a legacy of hope for the next generation


Operation Save Jamaica (OSJ) is a cross-denominational Christian charity focused on bringing about sustainable social, economic and spiritual transformation in Jamaica as a whole. OSJ works in partnership with organizations which share our vision to impact communities and improve lives. At the core of the OSJ approach is the belief that the Church has a key role to play in the development and advancement of the nation. Our aim is to mobilize the Church both at home in Jamaica and those in the Diaspora to play an active role in transforming communities and by extension the nation.

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Focus Area 1 – Commitment

Creating a new Caribbean will involve various stakeholders being committed to working together, the Diaspora, the government, the church, the private sector, and civil society.

We also need to address issues of our past such as slavery and build our relationship with the continent of Africa who desires to build an African Caribbean Diaspora.   Topics will include:

  • Sharing of our common history
  • Africa and commitment to the region
  • Church Leaders commitment to playing an increasing role in solving the issues of our region and to local community transformation
  • Caribbean Diaspora commitment to the region
  • Raising up the next generation of Caribbean Emerging Leaders
  • Jamaica’s commitment to the region