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The Jamaica Christian Diaspora Conference 2018

Coming together to explore best practices in development while creating a unique occasion to share perspectives and innovative solutions to problems common to local, Diaspora and African communities. Connecting engaged citizens, leaders, experts, the business community, government officials, and NGO’s to build links for better futures especially for our under-resourced communities. The conference was held on Wednesday October 10-11. 2018 at the Jamaica Conference Centre.

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Recent Articles

2018 Conference Topics: The Role of the Caribbean and the Africa Church in the 21st Century

Topic Summary:  Jamaicans and members of other Caribbean nations have become major leaders in churches in other countries (such as United Kingdom, the United States of America and Canada) to which they have emigrated. In [...]

2018 Conference Topics: Possibilities of Trade, Tourism and Business between Jamaica, Caribbean and Africa and their Diasporas

Topic Summary: One of the greatest sources of Jamaica’s current earning power is tourism and trade. This panel will explore the opportunities for entrepreneurial possibilities within the Diaspora and Africa, through tourism, cultural products, entertainment, [...]


MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT AND MUSIC: Positively Influencing the Culture   Topic Summary: Jamaican culture has had a significant local and global impact. In particular, media, entertainment and music, have been catalysts of change and driver of [...]

2018 Conference Topics: Creating Schools of Choice in Under-Resourced Communities

Topic Summary: Students in under-resourced communities frequently experience economic exclusion, in part because of the inadequacies of the schools attended within their communities. These schools lack basic resources, possess oversubscribed classrooms, are unable to meet [...]